Hanger Profiles MS

Hanger Profiles MS

For the suspension and fastening of air ducts, equipment and other components
High bending stiffness due to the special profile shape
Accessories for various suspension and fixing solutions
Available in three sizes


The loading capacity being a critical factor, three different profile sizes have been created, being able to support loads from a few kilos (small ductwork) to more important weights such as 4 meters wide ductwork, silencers, filters, accessories and other equipment. The loading capacity can also be multiplied by coupling several MS Hanger Profiles.

In an attempt to keep the number of parts to a minimum, each one of these accessories has been carefully designed to allow several combination possibilities and offer much flexibility.

  1. The high profile section provides a high bending resistance relative to the metal thickness.
  2. The oval holes allow the passing of threaded rods or bolts thus increasing the installation possibilities. Also available without holes.
  3. The MS Isolation Pads for acoustic insulation.
  4. The slot in the Hanger Profile allows to insert the Isolation Pads at any desired position.

(≈ mm)

MS 3 20 30 1,2 5,5 9 4 7 20 20 0,766 cm4
MS 5 30 50 1,5 9,5 11 5 9 22 25 6,083 cm4
MS 8 40 80 2,0 13,5 13 6 11 32 32 25,06 cm4

Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of hanger profiles used to support ductwork is generally limited by the deflection of the profile under load. According to the European Norm EN 12236, a deflection of max. 0,4 % of the profile length is allowed.

A    Distance between threaded rods

B    Duct Width

C    Distance between the threaded rod and the duct

D    Half the weight of the duct

E    Deflection

Only such simple ductwork suspension cases allow us to quantify on a table the maximum deformations and loads:

The table below shows the max. 1/2 duct weight which can be supported by the Hanger Profiles at a given certain distance between the threaded rods, taking into consideration that the deflection of the MS hanger profiles should not be greater than 0,4 % of the distance between the threaded rods.

The values shown are only valid if the distance between the threaded rod and the duct wall is max. 30 mm! By increasing the distance between the threaded rod and the duct wall, the max. loading capacity decreases rapidly.

m : distance between the threaded rods in m
Loading capacities in kN

Uneven Loads

When uneven or otherwise critical loads are present, either a sophisticated calculation method or a field trial can provide correct answers. When using the field trial method, the Hanger Profile type is selected by the installer. Then, if the deflection is found to be too important (that is more than 0,4 % of the length) it can be reduced by using a larger Hanger Profile type, coupling several profiles together or by installing a third threaded rod.


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