Control Dampers KS

Control Dampers KS
  • Facilitate the fabrication of your dampers
  • Only the blade has to be manufactured and fastened
  • Easy installation and operation
  • The damper-blade can be adjusted at any angle
  1. The duct wall is clamped between two pressed plates. When the red knob is tightened the damper-blade is locked without any slack.
  2. Openings allow to rotate the damper-blade.
  3. On large dampers this washer can be replaced by a lever.
  4. Spring-loaded pivot pins, allowing them to be pushed in when the damper is installed. As soon as they face the pivot holes they spring out and position the damper correctly.
  5. This knob is loosened to adjust the damper-blade at the right angle and then tightened to lock it in the desired position.
  6. The damper blade has to be manufactured according to size and rigidity requirements.
  7. On this side the plates are clamped together by a spring tension and can be rotated freely.
  8. Plate-Ø.
Art.Nr. Description Plate-Ø  
E02A-1001 KS 10 with Lever 95 mm  
E02A-1002 KS 25 230 mm  
E02A-1003 HKS 25 Lever -  

Small version
Control Damper KS10 
(lever is included)

Large version :
Control Damper KS25
(lever has to be ordered separately)

HKS 25 Lever


Installation Instructions