Protective Foil

Protective Foil

Self-adhesive foil designed to protect ductwork from dirt during storage, transport and assembly.

This self-adhesive foil has been designed for the protection of surfaces against mechanical damages and soiling during transportation, processing, storage and assembly.


Indoor and outdoor applications on the following surfaces: glass, aluminum, PVC, stainless steel, wood, ceramics.

Technical Information

Support material: LDPE
Color: Transparent green
Strength: ≈ 0,047 mm +/- 10%
Density: ≈ 0.92 +/- 5%
Longitudinal elongation: > 180%
Transversal Elongation: > 180%
Adhesive: Acrylate
Adhesion: 0.5 - 0.8 N / cm (on stainless steel)


The protective foil rolls can be stored under normal room conditions (+10 to + 30 °C) for approximately six (6) months. They are to be protected from direct sunlight, heat, dust and moisture.

Application Instructions

The surfaces to be protected must be dry, free from dust, oil, separating agents and other impurities.
Application time approx. 8 weeks.
If the film is exposed to sunlight, it must be replaced after 4 weeks.
Application temperature range (object and ambient temperature): + 15°C to + 45°C.
Do not peel off the protective foil abruptly.
Temperature to peel the foil must be above +5 ° C and at an angle of 90°.
On some surfaces and materials (i.e. PVC, coated metals) there is a danger of shadowing and/or discoloration: please test.
The foil is not suitable for deep thermoforming


The protective films contain neither plasticizer nor heavy metal and are fully recyclable. They can be disposed of along with household waste in compliance with official regulations.


The information given here regarding the application of the protective foil are only indications / recommendations. Since the surface quality of the materials to be coated, the processing conditions and the stresses can vary, it is absolutely necessary that the user tests the foil for the specific needs and applications beforehand in order to assess its suitability.

Important Information

The present additional information have been compiled carefully. They are only indications intended to provide counsel. They are the result of internal tests and information provided by our suppliers. There is no guarantee for completeness and accuracy. More precise information can only be made available through focused tests on a case by case basis. The provided indications do not discharge the user from conducting his own tests. Please make sure that the product is suitable for the intended use. Changes, errors and omissions excepted. Free translation: the German version prevails.

Art. Nr. Description L B S  
E06V-1001 Protective Foil 100 m 600 mm 0,047 mm