Tie Bar Fittings

Tie Bar Fittings

Galvanized steel components for the installation of tie bars.
The duct wall is clamped between two rigid discs for an optimal load distribution.
The tie bars are made of commercially available, inexpensive ⅜” galvanized tubing (DIN 2440).

  1. Pressure discs
  2. Hexagon socket head screw M6 x 40
  3. Expanding plug for 3/8” tubes
  4. 3/8” tubes
  5. Crossing tie bars are joined using a cross tie which can be fitted at any angle by tightening the M8 screw.

Installation Instructions

  1. Determine the position of the tie bars. If duct work is stiffened, position the tie bar at the intersection of the stiffeners.
  2. The overall length of the tie bar is equal to the clear internal duct dimensions. If the cross stiffening is external (as it can be found on positive pressure duct work), add 20 mm to the tube length. If the cross stiffening is internal (as it can be found on negative pressure duct work), deduct 20 mm from the tube length.
  3. The tube length is the tie bar overall length minus 2 mm. Hammer in the expanding plugs flush with both ends of the tube.
  4. Drill 7 mm Ø holes in the required locations.
  5. Fit the tie bar with one disc on the inside and one on the outside on each end of the tube. Tighten the screws with a 5 mm Allen key to expand the plugs.
  6. Crossing tie bars can be connected with a cross tie. Make sure that the tubes are straight before securing it. Then fasten the M8 screw tightly.
Art.Nr. Description  
E03A-1001 Pressure Disks  
E03S-1002 Plug for 3/8" Tube  
E03A-1003 Allen Head Screw M6 x 40  
E03S-1004 Cross Tie  


STP Dokuments

Pressure Disk


Allen Head Screw M6 x 40


Plug for 3/8" Tubes


Cross Tie