Assembly and Accessories

METU-SYSTEM Installation and Accessories

These elements and accessories facilitate the installation and the suspension of the ventilation ducts and translate into considerable time savings.

Drain Fittings ST
To drain condensation and other liquids from your ductwork


Control Dampers KS
Facilitates the fabrication of your rectangular duct dampers


Tie Bar Fittings
For the stiffening rectangular air ducts


Flexible Connections / Expansion Joints
Prevent the transmission of vibration and noise


Cantilever Brackets KH
Support structure for perpendicular air ducts

Hanger Profiles MS
Numerous hanging combinations for your air ducts and equipment


Support Brackets AL
For the suspension of rectangular ductwork with threaded rods


Hanger Bolts AB
For the suspension of rectangular ductwork with threaded rods


Angle Brackets MB
For the suspension of rectangular ductwork


Isolation Hangers SI
For a sound isolated suspension with threaded rods


Circular Duct Supports BA
For the suspension of round air ducts


Ceiling Brackets DB
Useful, when the exact position of the threaded rod is difficult to determine.


Polyethylene, Vitreous Fibers, Silicone, NBR, and others . . .


Ductwork Protective Foil
To keep your air ducts clean during transport and on-site storage


Rubber Parts GP and GR
Provide sound insulation and reduce the transmission of vibrations.


Threaded Rods and Long Nuts
Basic components for suspension of air ducts

High Temperature Tests