Our gaskets have gone through extensive testing and have
been selected for their reliability and performance.

PE Polyethylene white (ZI-201)
PE Polyethylene grey/black (ZI-202)
KF Ceramic fibers (ZI-206)
SW Rockwool (ZI-207)
EPDM (ZI-208)

Prices and availability upon request.


The surfaces must be dry and free from dust, separating agents and oils. The most favorable application temperatures lie between +15°C and +30°C.

Generally speaking, constructions generating a delamination stresses or peeling tensions should be avoided. During the application make sure that the gasket is not elongated, otherwise the tensile loads might peel-off the gasket from the surface. Shearing and tensile loads must be distributed over the entire adhesive surface. Tensions at the extremities should also be avoided. Continuous tensions affect the strength of the bond. Stress on the bond can only be applied after 24 hours at theearliest.

Suggested Uses

PE ≈ 10×6 mm, grey
Rectangular Connections, Access Doors

PE ≈ 12×10 mm, grey
For very large and/or unprecisely cut air-ducts

PE ≈ 5×3 mm, grey
Joining Clips SS

PE ≈ 7×5 mm, grey
Joining Clips SR 200 to 999 mm Ø

PE ≈ 10×8 mm, grey
Joining Clips SR 1000 to 3000 mm Ø

KF ≈ 6×3 mm
Rectangular connections less than 1000 mm wide,
Joining Clips SR 200 to 499 mm Ø

KF ≈ 10×6 mm
Rectangular connections 1000 mm wide and above
Joining Clips SR 500 to 3000 mm Ø