HVAC Ductwork and Components

METU-FORM High Performance Ventilation Ductwork
A tight, smooth and easy to install duct system!
Ducts, fittings and connections for the process industry,
commercial kitchens, and energy-efficient HVAC ventilation
systems (tightness class ATC1).

Round Airduct Connections
The round connections (flanges, joining clips, overcollars) allow to connect
round airducts (from 71 to 3000 mm Ø) together securely and rapidly at the
construction site.


Access Doors
For the access into standard and insulated (also double-skin)
rectangular and round ducts, in galvanized and stainless steels,
aluminum and plastic.

4-Bolt Rectangular Airduct Connections
A METU innovation dating from 1968 
which became an industry standard worldwide.

Installation Elements and Accessories
Elements designed to save you time at the construction site.

What we do

Products allowing an efficient manufacture and installation of rectangular and round air-ducts for the HVAC industry.

Access doors allowing an easy access into practically all types of ventilation ductwork.

The METU-FORM program consists of air and oil-tight (ATC1) ventilation ducts with smooth inner surfaces.

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