HVAC Ductwork and Components

Oil-tight ducts, fittings and connections
When conventional air ducts reach their limits!

Round Airduct Connections
Flanges, Joining Clips, Overcollars


Access Doors
For the access into standard and insulated (also double-skin)
rectangular and round ducts, in galvanized and stainless steels,
aluminum and plastic.

4-Bolt Rectangular Airduct Connections
A METU innovation dating from 1968 
which became a standard worldwide.

Installation Elements and Accessories
Elements designed to save you time

General information about
prices, delivery dates, dispatching, etc.

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Products according to the applications

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What we do

Products allowing an efficient manufacture and installation of rectangular and round air-ducts for the HVAC industry.

Access doors allowing an easy access into practically all types of ventilation ductwork.

The METU-FORM program consists of air and oil-tight (ATC1) ventilation ducts with smooth inner surfaces.