HVAC Ductwork and Components

METU-FORM is an optimized duct system that meets
the growing demands of our industry as well as today's
environmental protection requirements.


Round Duct Connections
To connect round air-ducts and fittings together
(METU-SYSTEM Product Line)


Access Doors
Allowing access into rectangular, round and insulated air-ducts
(METU-SYSTEM Product Line)


Rectangular Duct Connections
Profiles, corner pieces and clamps.
(METU-SYSTEM Product Line)


Duct Installation and Accessories
For the manufacture, installation and suspension of air-ducts
(METU-SYSTEM Product Line)


What do we do?

Products allowing an efficient manufacture and installation of rectangular and round air-ducts for the HVAC industry.

Access doors allowing an easy access into practically all types of ventilation ductwork.

The new METU-FORM program offering air-tight and oil-tight ventilation ducts having smooth inner surfaces (ATC1).

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Fire-rated Access Doors FR-S and FR-1
Liquid-tight Access Doors RD-FD and RRD-FD
Drain Fittings for double-wall ducts ST-DW