HVAC Ductwork and Components

Optimized ducts, fittings and connections.
Air and oil tight with smooth inner surfaces and easy to install.

METU-SYSTEM  Rectangular Duct Connections
Profiles, corner pieces and clamps

METU-SYSTEM Round Duct Connections
Circular flanges, joining clips, overcollars

METU-SYSTEM Access Doors
Certainly the widest range of access doors in the market.

METU-SYSTEM Installation Elements and Accessories
Drain fittings, cantilever brackets, isolation hangers and
other practical solutions.

For better Air-ducts

We invent new products (see list) designed to facilitate the installation air-ducts and build the necessary machinery and equipment ourselves for their production. Many of our innovations became worldwide industry standards such as the 4-Bolt system, the circular flanges and the access doors.