HVAC Ductwork and Components

METU-FORM Duct System
Laser welded ducts and welded fittings (Ø 80 to 1000 mm)
Formed-on Parallel Flanges. Airtight, oiltight, with smooth inner surfaces and an easy assembly.

Rectangular Duct Connections
Corner Pieces

Round Duct Connections
AF, LF, BF, UF, PF Circular Flanges
SR, SS Joining Clips
MU Overcollars

Access Doors and Inspection Covers
For rectangular ducts: RD, GX, KRD
For insulated rectangular ducts: IRD, IRD-3DE, IRD-3PL, IRD-DW1
For round ducts: RRD
For insulated round ducts: IRRD-3DE, IRRD-3PL, IRRD-DW1
For round and rectangular ducts made of PVC, PE, PP and PPs: KRD, KRRD

Installation Elements and Accessories
Drain Fittings, Cantilever Brackets,
Isolation Hangers, etc.

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