Angle Brackets MB

Angle Brackets MB

For the suspension of rectangular ductwork.
Sturdy galvanized steel bracket.
Available in different lengths.
The Rubber Isolator GP M8 provides acoustic insulation.

  1. Duct wall
  2. Threaded rod M8
  3. Angle bracket MB
  4. Rubber isolator (GP M8)
Art.Nr. Description Length Max.N  
F06V-1001 MB 10 galv 100 300  
F06V-1002 MB 15 galv 150 300  
F06V-1003 MB 20 galv 200 300  
F06V-1004 MB 25 galv 250 300  

Load Bearing Capacity
The indicated maximum load-bearing capacity is in accordance with the European Norm EN 12236 and can therefore be used integrally. The breaking load is three times higher.


Hight Temperature Tests