Drain Fittings ST

METU Drain Fittings

Designed to drain condensation and other liquids (i.e. liquid detergents or foams during air-duct cleaning operations). Easy installation: just drill a hole and screw-in the drain fitting. All parts are protected against corrosion: nickel-plated brass or STST V4A (316)


Drain Fittings ST-G
With a wide funnel for rectangular ducts


Drain Fittings ST-K
With conical washer for rectangular and round Ducts.
ST-K 1/2" for Duct-Ø from 80 to 1600 mm
ST-K 3/4" for Duct-Ø from 200 to 1600 mm
ST-K 1" for Duct-Ø from 300 to 1600 mm
ST-K 1 1/2" for Duct-Ø from 450 to 1600 mm

Drain Fitting Caps KST
Can be mounted on all drain fitting types
Standard version made of nickel-plated brass.
Stainless version made of V4A (316)


Facilitates the tightening of the nut and allows
to exert more force.


Must be ordered separately. For a better
tightness and resistance to various chemicals.


Tool allowing to pre-form the ducts made of a thick
wall before installing the drain fitting.


Installation example: The oil, which accumulates inside the ducts, is continuously evacuated through the drain. See also the oil-tight METU-FORM ducts.

ST Applications

Drains for commercial kitchens

Drains for industrial uses

To be taken into consideration when fitting stainless steel parts