METU-FORM System of Ducts

METU-FORM is an optimized duct system that meets the growing demands of our industry as well as today's environmental protection requirements.

  1. Laser-welded ducts, welded fittings
  2. Formed-on "Parallel" flange (patented)
  3. Exceeds the air-tightness class D according to DIN EN 12237, class ATC 1 (DIN EN 16798-3)
  4. Liquid and oil tight ducts and connections
  5. Smooth, dirt-retardant and easy to clean inner surfaces
  6. Parts made from thin sheet metal, easy to transport
  7. Easy installation: Allen keys are the only tools you need.
  8. The parts have a discrete appearance
  9. Available in galvanized steel
  10. Available in stainless steel V2A  (1.4301 / ASTM 304)
  11. No ATEX / Ex certifications

Best for energy-efficient HVAC systems, industrial uses, processing plants, commercial kitchens, dust removal, sensitive areas of laboratories and hospitals, and everywhere where common air-ducts reach their limits.

METU-FORM Information Leaflet
(only available in German)

Oil-tight Ducts as Standard


SRX Joining Clips
For the assembly of ducts and fittings 
with formed-on "Parallel" flanges.


Overcollars MUX
For the assembly of "plain" ducts and fittings.
The MUX overcollars will be in time replaced by the MUX-S below.


Ducts with formed-on "Parallel" Flange


Plain Ducts (without turned-out edges or flanges)




Telescopic Fittings

End Caps






Cross Pieces




Saddle Pieces




Adjustable Bends


Swan-neck Bends






Damper Actuators


Transitions from Round to Rectangular




Loose Flange Adapters


Flexible Hoses


Male Hose Couplings


Male Couplings with
Return-flow Protection

Female Hose Couplings


Air Outlets


Rain Caps


Ventilation Hoods

Inspection Pipes


Primary Oil Separator


Customized Parts




Suitability Checklist

Properties of an ideal air-duct

Applications and References

Technical Information

Are round ducts better?

Made by METU in Germany

The VDI 2087 requirements summarize well the properties of the METU-FORM ducts!

 -  Smooth iner surfaces,
 -  Easy to clean, durable,
 -  Non-hygroscopic,
 -  Non-inflammable,
 -  Corrosion-resistant
 -  Air-tight ( > class D, DIN EN 12237)