METU-FORM Air-ducts


METU-FORM is an optimized duct system that meets the growing demands of our industry as well as today's environmental protection requirements.

  • Laser-welded ducts, welded fittings
  • Formed-on "Parallel" flange (patented) with SRX joining clips
  • Exceeds the air-tightness class D according to DIN EN 12237, class ATC 1 (DIN EN 16798-3)
  • Liquid and oil tight ducts, fittings and connections
  • Smooth, dirt-retardant and easy to clean inner surfaces
  • Parts made from thin sheet metal, easy to transport
  • Easy installation: Allen keys are the only tools you need.
  • The parts have a discrete appearance
  • Available in galvanized steel from 80 to 1000 mm Ø
  • Available in stainless steel V2A  (1.4301 / ASTM 304) from 200 to 1000 mm Ø
  • No ATEX / Ex certifications
  • Many applications
  • Additional METU-FORM technical information

Oil-tight air-ducts

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METU-FORM One Page Leaflet
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Oil-tightness as standard

METU-FORM article in the CCI magazine

METU-FORM advertisement KSS 2016
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METU Offer Expansion - CCI 2015
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Made by METU in Germany

These industrial ventilation ducts must be completely air and oil-tight