METU-FORM Air-ducts

METU-FORM Ducts, Fittings and Connections

Tight . . .

Air-tight, liquid-tight and oil-tight (*). The flanges are formed directly from the duct-wall (patented technique). The connections are fitted with a gasket. All-welded seams. Outperforms the highest class D according to the DIN EN 12237 norm; class ATC1 according to the norm DIN EN 16798-3.

with smooth surfaces . . .

Smooth and protrusion-free inner duct surfaces. Hygienic, dirt-retardant and easy to clean. Energy-efficient air-flow through less friction, turbulences, and pressure drops.

and easy to assemble !

Especially designed connection components with integrated gasket (SRX Joining Clips and MUX Overollars) allow an efficient and rapid assembly. Only one screw per connection for all Ø from 80 to 1000 mm! The parts are light, easy to handle and, because of the formed-on flange, exceptionally sturdy. Possibility to dismantle each piece (retrofitting).




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Oil-tight air-ducts

METU-FORM One Page Leaflet
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Oil-tightness as standard

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METU Offer Expansion - CCI 2015
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Made by METU in Germany

These industrial ventilation ducts must be completely air and oil-tight