Access Doors


The Original Access Doors!

The different types of METU access doors allow an easy access into the interior of air-ducts for inspection and maintenance while keeping as much as possible their characteristics. This last point is especially important for insulated ducts for example.

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Access doors for rectangular, non-insulated air-ducts

RD Access Doors

GX Access Doors

Access Doors for Rectangular, Insulated Air-ducts

Insulated Access Door IRD-2, -3, -4

Insulated Access Door IRD-3DE (with 3rd Cover)

Insulated Access Door IRD-DW1

Access Door IRD-3PL (with a 3rd plate)

Solution made of two standard RD access doors

Access Doors for Round, Non-insulated Ducts

RRD Access Doors

Access Doors for Round, Insulated Air-ducts

Access Door IRRD-3DE (with 3rd cover)

IRRD-DW1 Access Doors

IRRD-3PL Access Doors

IRRD-DW2 Access Doors

Plastic Access Doors

KRD Access Doors made of PVC, PE, PP or PPs for rectangular air-ducts

KRRD Access Doors made of PVC, PE, PP or PPs for Round Air-ducts

Outside Installation


Access Doors on Fittings

Access doors for air-ducts in commercial kitchens

Access doors with nuts (machine guidelines)

Lockable Access Doors

Operating Pressures



Aerosol Tightness

Liquid and Grease-tight Access Doors


Opening Dimensions

Opening dimensions according to the duct-Ø


Knobs (protected design)

Stainless Steel Access Doors

Aluminum Access Doors

Material Thickness

Electrostatic Discharge


Sound Insulation


Retaining Cable


Problematic Case