Hanger Bolts AB

Hanger Bolts AB

For the suspension of rectangular ductwork with threaded rods.
Instead of screws a Hanger Bolt is screwed at the lower airduct corner and used as suspension point.
Sturdy and economical solution for connecting ductwork to threaded rods.
Easy installation.

  1. Duct wall
  2. Tie rod
  3. Profile
  4. Corner piece
  5. Hanger bolts

Installation Instructions

Instead of the standard bolts and nuts two AB Hanger Bolts are fitted in the holes of the duct´s bottom corner pieces. Care must be taken when tightening the bolts that the hole for the support threaded rod remains vertical. Only the bottom holes must be used, not only because it allows adjustment of the support rod, but also for safety reasons - the bottom corners cannot be pulled out from the duct easily.

Sound isolation
With SI Isolation Hangers or DB Ceiling Brackets.

If ducts have external insulation, the supporting rods can be approximately 5 cm longer and a Long Nut (please refer to section “GS Threaded Rods/LM Long Nuts“) or collar 30 mm long is installed instead of the normal nut. This enables the height of the duct to be adjusted even after it has been insulated.

Art.Nr. Description Profile A L G SW Ø Max.N
F07A-1001 AB M8-9 galv 20 20 25 M8 13 9 1500
F07A-1002 AB M10-9 galv 30 28 30 M10 17 9 2000
F07A-1003 AB M10-11 galv 30 28 30 M10 17 11 2000
F07A-1004 AB M 10-13 galv 30 28 30 M10 17 13 2000
F07A-1005 AB M 12- 9 galv 40 30 30 M12 19 9 3000
F07A-1006 AB M 12-11 galv 40 30 30 M12 19 11 3000
F07A-1007 AB M 12-13 galv 40 30 30 M12 19 13 3000

Load Bearing Capacity
The indicated maximum load-bearing capacity is in accordance with the European Norm EN 12236 and can therefore be used integrally. The breaking load is three times higher.


Hight Temperature Tests