Applications and References

METU-FORM Applications

The main source of energy losses and contaminations are leakages, followed by high friction surfaces and poorly designed ventilation systems which lead to pressure drops. The METU-FORM ducts, fittings and connections solve these problems automatically and economically. 

METU-FORM References
METU-SYSTEM References

Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin Deutschland
Hettlage Kaufhauszentrum, Waiblingen Deutschland 
BOSCH, Bamberg, Reutlingen, Nürnberg, Renningen
ZF Lenksysteme, Friedrichshafen
Porsche AG, Weissach
Daimler AG, Berlin
Maschinenbau Klaus, Kindsbach
WUM Metall- und Kunststoffbearbeitung, Dunningen
Kurtz GmbH, Eisengiesserei, Hasloch
CVT Capellmann Verzahntechnik, Gosheim
Norafin Industries, Textilindustrie, Mildenau
Boehringer Pharma GmbH, Ingelheim
Allweier Präzisionsteile, Überlingen
A. Raymond, Automobilzulieferer, Weil am Rhein
Aesculap AG, Medizintechnik, Tuttlingen
BIKINI Hotel, Berlin

Busatis GmbH, Mäh- und Schneidtechnik, Purgstall
SFS-Fluidsysteme GmbH, Polling
Weingärtner Maschinenbau, Kirchham
11er Nahrungsmittel GmbH, Frastanz

Hotel Palace, Gstaad Schweiz
Sun-Star Hotel, Grindelwald Schweiz 
Pumpspeicherwerk Linthal
Kulturzentrum, Luzern Schweiz
Eissporthalle Lerchenfeld, St. Gallen Schweiz
Masoala-Halle, Zoo Zürich Schweiz
Coop-City, Zürich-Oerlikon Schweiz
IKEA, Dietlikon Schweiz
Einkaufszentrum Zugerland, Schweiz

London Science Museum, London Großbritannien

Yuuki-Cho Indoor Pool, Ibaragi Japan
2016 - Access Doors - Nippon Puretec, Japan
2001 - Round Duct Connections - Ski Halle, Luwa Japan

Piscina di Bolzano, Bozen Italien

Opera „Liceo“, Barcelona Spanien
Seat Barcelona

Tunnel between Lyon and Turin
Bibliothèque de France, Paris Frankreich
CNIT La Défense, Paris Frankreich
Centre Commercial Confluence, Lyon

Bolschoy Theater, Moskau Russland

Tai Mall, Taipei Taiwan

What customers say

“I was impressed by how much technology and manufacturing know-how METU put into its machinery and products, especially the new METU-FORM pipe system. The end products are far better than anything I have seen so far and solve many problems related to the ventilation technology automatically.“

Mr. Guido Hartmann
HARTMANN Umwelttechnik GmbH
(Environmental Technology)

“Super handling. You can even mount these products with one hand. With most other systems you need your two hands, and at times it would be good if the installers had three hands. I also think it is an advantage that METU is a small, flexible company that supports its customers with useful technical advice and short delivery times. Urgently needed parts could be picked up on short notice.“

Mr. Ingo Wagner, Engineer
EMIFREE GmbH - Manufacturer of Filtration Systems

“The ability to guarantee oil tightness, even for large duct diameters (1000 mm), was the main requirement for a very large project of an automotive supplier. We liked the fact that METU was able to produce special duct lengths, as we did not want to use telescopic fittings. Several complicated fittings were also manufactured per the customer‘s request. We were very satisfied with the way this unusually large project was conducted. The parts were well packed and delivered on time with the METU truck. With the help of the METU-SRX clamp ring connection system, the assembly of the individual segments several meters above the ground was carried out very efficiently.“

Messrs. Torsten Munkelt and Oliver Keller
ENGIE Deutschland GmbH (ex COFELY)