Aerosol Tightness

Aerosol-tight Airducts and Components

Aerosols are fine particles (solid or liquids) in suspension in the air, such as dust, soot, fumes, water particles, oil-mist, etc. 

These particles often condensate when pressure and/or temperature changes occur, and deposits occur within the ventilation airducts. This is a current phenomenon in kitchen ventilation and the process industry where air filled with oil and coolants mist has to be extracted. 

Air-ducts for such applications must consequently outperform the class D according to the DIN EN 12237 and comply with the ATC1 class according to the DIN EN 16798-3.

The following METU products have been designed for such applications and do not require any additional measures to achieve the required tightness:

  • METU-FORM Straight Ducts, laser-welded, with formed-on "parallel" flanges
  • METU-FORM fittings, laser & MIG welded, with formed-on "parallel" flanges
  • METU-FORM SRX joining clips fitted with an NBR gasket
  • METU-SYSTEM access doors with NBR gasket