Environmental Protection

METU-FORM and the Environment

Our new METU-FORM product range takes into consideration the negative impact human activities have on the environment and tries to limit it as follows:

Round ducts instead of rectangular ones, as they require less raw material for
a same air-flow volume.

Round ducts also as the air-flow is more efficient as with rectangular ducts.

A smooth interior helps reducing friction, which translates into energy savings.

The smooth interior is also dirt-retardant and easier to clean.

Air-tightness standards above the highest class D according to the norm DIN EN 12237
in order to avoid energy losses and contamination / Class ATC1 according to the DIN EN 16798-3

Oil-tight circular duct systems to avoid expensive modifications when stringent tightness
requirements are to be fulfilled.

Facilitated assembly in order to save on labor force and installation times on site.

The above features are fulfilled automatically, without additional expenditures.
Don't take any chances: use METU!