Throttle Valves

Throttle Valves

Available with the "plain" (no flanges) or the "parallel" (with formed-on flange) systems, depending on the diameters and your project requirements.


  1. Manually operated throttle valve
  2. Without rubber lip (with rubber lip see the "Tight Throttle Valves")
  3. Oil-tight shaft with PTFE seal and O-Rings made of NBR or SI depending on the version
  4. "Plain" system (diameters from 80 to 200 mm), assembly with MUX Overcollars
  5. "Parallel" system (diameters from 80 to 1000 mm), assembly with SRX Joining Clip


METU-FORM Tender Texts

Actuator Adapter Plate

Ø 80 up to 180 mm in stainless steel not available yet


Throttle valve without Flanges ("plain" system).

Throttle valve with formed-on "parallel" flanges.