Dust Extraction

Exhaust Air and Dust Extraction

The METU-FORM ducts, fittings and connectors provide protrusion-free and smooth interior surfaces. They are ideal for transporting fibers (i.e. textile industry), wood chips and other materials.

The METU-FORM system is not ATEX / Ex certified and is not suitable for abrasive substances.


1:   Wood chip extraction for instance
2:   METU-FORM ducts, fittings and connections
3:   Smooth inner surfaces


Smooth surfaces

  • Extraction facilities
  • Suction pipes
  • Dust removal
  • Fibers transport
  • Wood chips, and wood dust
  • Industrial extraction systems
  • Insulation Materials Processing
  • Low pressure conveying systems
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Recycling, paper industry
  • Bulk goods
  • Chips extraction
  • Textile processing
  • Not ATEX certified!