Loose Flange Adapters

Loose Flange Adapters

A loose flange adapter allows the connection of ducts from other manufacturers to the METU-FORM "plain" or "parallel" duct systems.

Loose Flange Adapters for METU-FORM Ducts with"Parallel" Flanges


1.   Loose flange adapter with "Parallel" formed-on flange (*)
2.   NBR Gasket (*)
3.   Loose flat flange (*)
4.   Joining clip SRX
5.   METU-FORM ducts with "Parallel" flanges
6.   System of ducts with turned out edge (Van Stone) from another manufacturer
7.   Loose flat flange

(*) Elements belonging to a flange adapter set.

Loose Flange Adapters for METU-FORM Plain Ducts


METU-FORM Tender Texts

Ø 80 up to 180 mm in stainless steel not available yet


DIN EN 12220 (1998)
Replaces the norms DIN EN 24154-1, 24154-2, 24154-4


Loose Flange
Standard Dimensions


Special Loose Flange
Production Form

Flange adapter for the "plain" system

Flange adapter for the "parallel" system.