Loose Flange Adapters

Loose Flange Adapters

A loose flange adapter allows the connection of ducts from other manufacturers to the METU-FORM "plain" or "parallel" duct systems.

Loose Flange Adapters for METU-FORM Ducts with"Parallel" Flanges


1.   Loose flange adapter with "Parallel" formed-on flange (*)
2.   NBR Gasket (*)
3.   Loose flat flange (*)
4.   Joining clip SRX
5.   METU-FORM ducts with "Parallel" flanges
6.   System of ducts with turned out edge (Van Stone) from another manufacturer
7.   Loose flat flange

(*) Elements belonging to a flange adapter set.

Loose Flange Adapters for METU-FORM Plain Ducts


Ø 180 mm not available yet
Ø 80 up to 180 mm in stainless steel not available yet




Texts for Tenders


Loose Flange Adapter
Production Form

Loose Flange
Standard Dimensions


STP Format


Flange adapter for the "plain" system

Flange adapter for the "parallel" system.