All elbows are laser and/or MIG welded to ensure oil-tightness.


METU-FORM Tender Texts

  1. Plain, from 80 to 180 mm Ø, Connection with MUX Overcollars
  2. Parallel, from 80 to 1000 mm Ø, Connection with SRX Joining Clips


The available dimensions can be found in the product descriptions in our price list. Please refer to the "Products and Prices" link.
The diameters 80 up to 180 mm in stainless steel are not available.

Elbow Radii

Elbows come in different radii. The larger the radius of the bend, the lower the friction and pressure drops in the air duct. 

The standard radii (R) correspond to the pipe diameter (D) × 1 (R = 1D). Radii larger than 1D (e.g. R = 1.5D, R = 2D) are used to reduce the energy consumption of fans or are intended for special applications such as dust extraction. Bends with such larger radii make it possible to maintain the necessary air velocity so that the particles can be transported with the air flow.

Richtige Befestigung

Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Rohre auf beiden Seiten der Formstücke richtig befestigt sind. Stressfaktoren, wie das Gewicht (dargestellt durch den gelben Pfeil), können die Schweißnähte öffnen (rote Pfeile) und zu Instabilität und Undichtigkeiten führen.

Air-ducts with a slope

1.   90° Elbow plus about 3°
2.   Spacial 3° degrees ebow
3.   Elbow with a non-standard angle
4.   Slope
5.   Drain fitting ST-K
6.   Oils (process industry), condensation, liquid detergents (Kitchens), etc.


Stainless steel V2A (304) sement elbow (also called "lobster") with formed-on integral "parallel" flanges.


Small angle elbows for air ducts with a gradient