All elbows are laser and/or MIG welded to ensure oil-tightness.


  1. Plain, from 80 to 200 mm Ø, Connection with MUX Overcollars
  2. Parallel, from 80 to 1000 mm Ø, Connection with SRX Joining Clips

The available dimensions can be found in the product descriptions in our price list. Please refer to the "Products and Prices" link. Ø 180 mm not available yet. The diameters 80 up to 180 mm in stainless steel are not available yet.

Proper Fastening

Make sure that the ducts are secured properly on both sides of the fittings. Stress factors, such as weight (illustrated by the yellow arrow), could open the seams (red arrows) and lead to instability and leakages.

Elbow Specifications for Tenders

Elbows / Bends / Segment Bends / Pressed Bends / Lobsters. METU-FORM laser-welded and/or MIG-soldered, liquid and oil-tight elbows made of galvanized steel or stainless steel (V2A / 1.4301 / 304). Two versions: with "Parallel" flanges formed directly from the duct itself (diameters 80 to 1000 mm Ø, connection with SRX joining clips), or "plain " (without a flange, diameters 80 to 200 mm, connection with MUX overcollars). The air-tightness exceeds the highest-class D according to the norm DIN EN 12237. Tightness class ATC 1 (EN 16798-3). No ATEX / EX certifications.

Air-ducts with a slope



1.   90° Elbow minus about 3°
2.   Spacial 3° degrees ebow
3.   Elbow with a non-standard angle
4.   Slope
5.   Drain fitting ST-K
6.   Oils (process industry), condensation, liquid detergents (Kitchens), etc.




STP Format


Stainless steel V2A (304) sement elbow (also called "lobster") with formed-on integral "parallel" flanges.


Small angle elbows for air ducts with a gradient