Energy Efficiency

METU-FORM saves Energy

The allowed air-duct leakages, the negative effects of uneven surfaces created by seams, poor connection methods and screws, translate into energy losses.

METU-FORM air ducts have environmentally friendly "side effects": the air reaches its target in an energy-efficient manner thanks to unmatched airtightness and smooth inner duct surfaces.

The air-tightness surpasses the highest class D accoriding to the DIN EN 12237
Air-tightness class ATC 1 according to the DIN EN 16798-3

  • Airtight ductwork (ATC1)
  • Smooth inner duct surfaces with reduced friction
  • Energy efficient airflow
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced pressure losses
  • Energy-efficient HVAC ventilation systems
  • Environmental protection and long-term energy savings