Ducts "Plain"

Plain Ducts (without Flanges or turned out Edge)

Straight ducts without flanges or turned out edges (Vanstone)
Diameters from 80 to 180 mm
Assembly with MUX Overcollars
Straight ducts longer than 2000 mm upon request

METU-FORM Tender Texts

Ø 80 up to 180 mm in stainless steel not available yet.

Why not use laser-welded ducts instead of
spiral ducts as standard?

  • The prices are comparable to Spiro ducts
  • They offer smooth, dirt-retardant surfaces
  • They exceed the highest tightness class D
  • They satisfy the ATC1 class requirements
  • They can be connected to usual fittings
  • Easy assembly with MU overcollars or AF circular flanges

Duct diameters from 224 up to 1000 mm are also available.
These can be connected with the "METU-SYSTEM Round Connections".
These connections are not liquid or oil tight.

Round duct stocking accessory


Straight "plain" ducts (Plain = without flanges)