Throttle Valve Actuators

Plate for BELIMO Throttle Valve Actuators and METU Centering Sleeves

The clamping lock of the Belimo damper actuators consists of a movable U-clamp with a fixed counterpart and two nuts. It can be adjusted to different axle diameters. A deflection movement of the engine is however created when the axle diameter deviates too much from the ideal one. Due to this deflection movement it is difficult to find the correct position of the torque arm. The actuator could get stuck, preventing the throttle valve to reach their home positions (fully open or closed). 

Depending on the engine type, both our throttle and tight throttle valves have either a pre-assembled centering sleeve or an insert for the clamping lock, so that the axles are correctly centered. Deflection movements are eliminated, allowing the installer to secure the actuator without any further adjustments. The centering is available for the following types (please specify when ordering): LM, NM, SM, GM, SF and NF.


Engine Power Recommendations for Dampers

Engine power recommendations for sealed dampers

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