IRRD-DW1 Insulated Access Doors

Access doors for insulated double-wall circular ducts 
Maximum insulation thicknesses apply

  1. Inside duct wall
  2. Outside duct wall
  3. The IRRD-DW1 is made of a standard RRD access door with longer bolts and a larger outer cover.
  4. The knobs (protected design) must be fastened securely to make sure the access door is air-tight.
  5. The insulation (please refer to the maximum insulation thicknesses) between the ducts must be hard enough in order to resist the pressure exerted by the access door. Should that not be the case, the ducts might be deformed and leakages might occur.
  6. To avoid any convection currents insulation chunks can be stuffed into the hollow spaces between the inner and outer panels of the door.

Maximum insulation thicknesses:

IRRD-DW1 18: ≈ 20 mm
IRRD-DW1 21: ≈ 30 mm
IRRD-DW1 32: ≈ 30 mm
IRRD-DW1 43: ≈ 40 mm

It might be possible to install the doors on slightly thicker insulation thicknesses, but their installation might turn out being more difficult. Please provide the insulation thickness when ordering.


Not all combinations between duct diameters, insulation thicknesses and opening dimensions are possible. Please fill out this form in order for us to asses the feasibility and revert with prices and lead time indications. These access doors IRRD-DW1 are always considered as "special". For more information about special / custom made products please refer to the ZI-000.

Prices upon request.
Please fill out the IRRD-DW1 form.

Installation Instructions

Made by METU in Germany