RRD Access Doors

RRD : For circular, non-insulated round ducts.
Available in different materials, sizes and types.

RRD Access Door with Polyethylene (PE) Gasket
For round, non-insulated ducts.
Max. operating temperature: ≈ +70°C. 

Access Doors RD with Rubber Edge Molding (SKK)
The rubber edge molding covers the sharp edges
of the opening and serves at the same time as gasket.
To be placed along the edge of the opening.
Max. operating temperature: ≈ + 80°C.


Access Door RRD with Ceramic Fibers Gasket (KF)
Fitted with ceramic fibers gasket and
metal knobs for higher temperatures.
Maximal operating temperature: ≈ + 200°C


Access Doors RRD with NBR Gasket
Liquid and grease-tight access doors for round air-ducts.
With a seal and O-Rings made of NBR.
Only suitable for ducts with a clean and smooth surface without seams.
Max. operating temperature: ≈ + 80°C.


Access Doors RRD with Silicone Gasket and Plastic Knobs
For higher hygiene requirements.
Maximal operating temperatures: ≈ + 80°C.

Access Doors RRD with Silicone Gasket and Metal Knobs
For higher hygiene requirements and high temperatures.
Maximal operating temperatures: ≈ + 200°C.

Made by METU in Germany

RRD opening dimensions according to the duct-Ø


ZI-201 : PE
ZI-204 : SKK
ZI-206 : KF
ZI-210 : NBR
ZI-211 : SI