Insulated Access Doors IRD-3PL (with a 3rd plate)

For rectangular ducts with outside or inside insulation

Suitable for all insulation thicknesses

Fitted with a third plate (3PL)

  1. Duct wall.
  2. The cut edges of the insulation should be covered (with an aluminum tape for instance) in order to avoid chunks flying away. This should especially be done when the insulation is inside the duct in order to avoid contaminating the air in the ventilation system.
  3. This access door consist of a standard RD fitted with a 3rd plate (3PL) which has been spot-welded onto the inner cover plate, creating a hollow space filled with insulation.
  4. The third plate (3PL) offers a smooth and aerodynamic surface. It can also be made of a thicker material upon request when a higher resistance to abrasion is required (i.e. pneumatic transport).
  5. Unavoidable thermal bridge! The insulated access doors IRD-3DE and IRD-2,-3,-4 offer better insulation properties.

The IRD-3PL access doors are not available with NBR gasket and in stainless steel V4A. The high temperature (HT) versions are not available with the IRD-3PL access doors made of aluminum.



Installation Instructions

To be taken into consideration when fitting stainless steel parts


Made by METU in Germany