Sturdy clamps made of heavy gage pressed material fitting tightly to the shape of the rectangular profile. 

They are designed to provide additional support by larger duct cross-sections or higher pressure loads. 

Available as G-Clamps, fitted with a bolt, or Drive Clamps, when installation space is restricted.

Clamp recommendations



Profiles are pressed together using a bolt. Flexible and easy installation. The G-Clamps are massive and designed to cope with high loads. The bolt is the same as flange bolts, that way you only need one wrench size.

Drive Clamps


Ideal clamp where installation space is restricted, such as when ducts are close to ceilings or walls. The clamp is slightly tapered to ease its installation. It is therefore easier to put in place than the C-shaped long clips. Thanks to its broad end-face, the drive clamp can be driven into position in confined spaces with a piece of pipe for instance.


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