Flange Advantages

METU Flange Advantages

Deformation due to the Weight of the Duct

Due to its weight, the round duct becomes oval (A). That makes it difficult to handle, transport and to connect. The METU AF, BF and UF Flanges provide stability to the duct (B) and allow it to keep its circular form:

Deformation du to the Negative Pressures

The METU AF, BF and UF Flanges enter inside the round ducts and provide additional stability:

Enough Access to Connect the Ducts Together

Common round duct connection techniques involve rivets, self-drilling screws, flat flanges, tape, etc. If the ducts are near the ceiling, other equiement, walls or other ducts, there might not be enough space to connect them properly because the area "E" is not accessible. With the METU SR Joining Clips there is only one bolt to tighten for each connection. You can place it at the most convenient place around the circuference of the duct (F):

The above considerations do not apply to the LF circular flanges and the MU overcollars, because these are installed around the pipes and not inside them.

Round ducts without flanges become oval because of their own weight. They are difficult to connect.