METU and the Norms

METU and the Norms

Norms from a METU perspective, or how our products fulfill their requirements.

Overview of some standards related to air-ducts and ventilation systems. These information are not exhaustive and some could possibly be outdated.

VDI 2087
Air ducts - Operating and construction fundamentals

VDI 3035
Design of machine tools,
production lines and peripheral equipment
for the use of metalworking fluids

DIN EN 16798-3
Ductwork Air-tightness
Energy performance of buildings
Ventilation for buildings - Part 3 : For non-residential buildings
Performance requirements for ventilation and room-conditioning systems

DIN 4102-1
Fire behavior of building materials

VDI 6022
Air conditioning, air quality
hygiene requirements for air conditioning systems and devices

Any technical article today is filled with acronyms. Here are a few such acronyms and other abbreviations with their full description.


The information presented are not exhaustive and are provided without guarantees.