As a metalworking company, METU Meinig AG is a manufacturer of "products" (pipes, flanges, access doors, profiles, fittings and custom-made products made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum) and is therefore a "downstream user" within the meaning of the EC regulation REACH 1907/2006 (REACH Stand 06/2023).

As a downstream user, METU Meinig AG is not subject to any registration obligations under REACH. 

When used as intended, the products manufactured and supplied by us do not contain normally any substances that are subject to registration and pose any health risks. 

According to our current level of knowledge, there are therefore no prohibited or to be declared substances in our products, apart from natural contamination and environmental influences.


In general, traces of unwanted substances that are ubiquitous due to carryover in the smallest amounts can never be completely ruled out in our products. 

In addition, we point out that analytical monitoring of possible contamination of our products is not the subject of our initial control.

This present information is based on our present state of knowledge.

Assurances, warranties and warranties can not be derived from this. 

All previous declarations hereby lose their validity.