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METU-FORM SRX Joining Clips Ø 80 to 180 mm (old)

METU-FORM SRX Joining Clips Ø 200 to 1000 mm (old)

METU-FORM Sliding Ducts

METU-FORM MUX Overcollars

MU Overcollars

AF Circular Flanges and SR Joining Clips

LF Circular Flanges

Fire Resistant Access Doors FR-S

Fire Resistant Access Doors FR-1

RD Access Doors with PE Gasket

RD Access Doors SKK Rubber Edge Molding

RD Access Door with Silicon (SI) Gasket

GX Access Door

Insulated Access Door IRD-2, -3, -4

Insulated Access Doors IRD-3DE (with 3rd cover)

Insulated Access Door IRD-DW1

Access Door for Round Ducts RRD

Insulated Access Doors for Round Ducts IRRD-3DE

Lockable Access Doors

ST-G Drain Fittings

Drain Fittings ST-K

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