Adhesive instructions

Glue Application Instructions


The most favourable application temperatures (temperature of the object and application temperature) lie between +15°C and +30°C. Applications outside this range are not recommended. In case of applications below the recommended temperatures, the adhesive might harden in which case an optimal adhesion cannot be obtained. The formation of condensation should also be avoided, as it might for instance occur when the adhesive bands are moved from a cold environment to the heated workshop. This is also valid for the substrates.


The surfaces to be glued must be dry and exempt from dust, separating agents and oils. Finger contact is also to be avoided. Optimal adhesions are obtained on plain surfaces. Rough surfaces might require thicker adhesives.

Charges and Tensions

Generally speaking, constructions generating a delamination stress or peeling tensions should be avoided. Shearing and tensile loads must be distributed over the entire adhesive surface. Tensions at the extremities should also be avoided.