Round Duct Connections

A quick and uncomplicated installation of circular ventilation ducts on site, whatever the diameters between 80 and 1600 mm, is an undeniable economic and practical advantage. No EX / ATEX certifications.

For duct inner diameters 71 to 315 mm

Overcollars MU
Economical connections for small air-ducts (diameters from 71 to 315 mm)

For duct inner diameters 80 to 200 mm

Flanges PF (Pressed Flanges)
Flange connections for small duct diameters (from 80 to 200 mm)

Joining Clips SS
For the assembly of ducts and fittings fitted with PF flanges


For duct inner diameters 200 to 3000 mm

What differentiates the AF, LF, BF and UF flanges is the way they are fixed into the circular ducts. They can still be combined with each other (connecting an AF flange with an LF flange for example) as they have all been designed to be assembled together with SR joining clips.

Flanges AF
"TOP SELLER" flange for 200-3000 mm Ø


Flanges LF
For the connection of ducts with tured-out edge (Vanstone)


Flanges BF
These flanges enter deeper into the ducts, translating into more flexibility.


Flanges UF
This UF flange requires more work than the others including the application of a sealant


Joining Clips SR
Allow to assemble the AF, UF, LF and BF flanges together.


We design our products in such a way
as to allow our customers
total installation costs savings


Round or Rectangular?
Here are some thoughts on the subject.

Circular Connections Overview