Tender Texts

M2, M3, M4 Specifications

The METU-SYSTEM 4-Bolt Rectangular Flange Connections are made of:

Flanges made of a triangular-shaped hollow profile designed to be slid-on the duct wall of the rectangular duct and fitted with an external bead to facilitate the installation of clamps. The dished internal web acts as a metallic sealing lip while the fastening onto the duct is made through clinching, spot-welding or blind riveting. Three profile sizes depending on the duct dimensions and pressure requirements.

Heavy-duty, press-formed corner pieces made of heavy gage steel to be inserted into the profile ends. Their sturdiness is able to resist the important loads created by the 4-bolt system and limit at the same time the necessity of clamps considerably. Several types of corners depending on the duct manufacture methods.

Sturdy clamps made of heavy gage pressed material fitting tightly the shape of the rectangular profiles. They are designed to provide additional support by larger duct cross-sections or higher pressure loads. Available as G-Clamps, fitted with a bolt, or Drive Clamps, when installation space is restricted.