Telescopic Fitting Instructions

One telescopic fitting set consists of:
-    Sliding duct
-    O-ring
-    SRX Joining Clip

We additionally need:
-    One duct with parallel flange


Measure the length between the two ducts (L1).


Choose a duct with formed-on Parallel flanges having a length at least equal to the distance to be filled.


Determine the L2 length according to the duct-Ø:
Ø 80-180 mm: L2 = L1 - 30 mm (B)
Ø 200-1000 mm: L2 = L1 - 50 mm (B)



Cut the pipe (L2) and deburr.


Slide the Joining Clip, the O-ring and the sliding duct part around the duct.


Connect both ends to the existing ducts.


Push the O-ring against the sliding part.


Tighten the SRX joining clip.


SRX Joining Clip Instructions


METU-FORM Telescopic Fittings-A (with theold SRX version)