MUX Instructions

The ends of the ducts must not have any dents, damages, burrs or dirt and must be perfectly round.

  1. Place the MUX Overcollar around the duct...
  2. Until it reaches the NBR gasket bulge which acts as a stop
  3. Then insert the second section till it also reaches the NBR gasket bulge. Heavier ducts do not always allow determining if we have reached the bulge, or if we might even have pushed the duct beyond it. In such cases it is recommended to use a marker and draw a line approximately 4,5 cm from the duct end, allowing to center the parts.
  4. Tighten the Allen screw (SW = 5 mm) until both MUX ends meet. If you use an electric drive, it is recommended to finish tightening the joining clip per hand. Use preferably Allen keys without ball heads as they might damage the screw.

Screws and bolts of MUX made of stainless steel are subject to gripping. For that reason it is recommended to tighten the screw carefully by hand and to use a lubricating paste such as the TECCEM AHT415.

IMPORTANT: The MUX Overcollar must be closed completely. Only then is the NBR gasket sufficiently compressed and the expected oil-tightness achieved!

When installed vertically, each duct segment must be individually fixed and secured!


Unloading and control

MUX Overcollars
Assembly Video

Electrostatic Discharge


Further METU-FORM Instructions