Joining Clips SRX

SRX Joining Clips

Connecting element for ducts and fittings with a formed-on "Parallel" flange. For ducts with inner-Ø from 80 up to 1000 mm.

Integrated NBR gasket.

Available Materials
In galvanized or stainless steel V2A.

Equipotential Bonding
With the use of SRX Joining Clips equipotential bonding is automatically achieved. 
We nevertheless recommend that you check the equipotential bonding after the installation.

Ø 180 mm not available yet
Ø 80 up to 180 mm in stainless steel not available yet
When dismantling the SRX joining clips, we recommend to always replace the gasket.


Instructions for the old and new SRX versions

In an effort to constantly improve our products, a new version of the SRX joining clip is being launched. As these changes are progressive, joining clips with two different tightening devices will be offered for a certain period of time. Depending on the ordered diameters the tightening device of the joining clips might therefore be different. The principle remains nevertheless the same, that is the use of a single screw for all the diameters between 80 and 1000 mm. The new SRX version is backward compatible: an old SRX collar already installed can be replaced without any problems by a new SRX joining clip generation.

Please click on the photograph below corresponding to your SRX joining clip in order to access the installation instructions of this product version (photo on the left = old version, photo on the right = new version):


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