Our gaskets have gone through extensive testing
and have been selected for their reliability and performance.

References Descriptions Max. Temperatures Packing Prices per Unit    
F13V-1001 Polyethylene Gasket PE 6×4 mm (white) Max. ≈ +70°C 100m per bag (180g) 0,22 €/m    
F13V-1002 Polyethylene Gasket PE 8×5 mm (white) Max. ≈ +70°C 100m per bag (275g) 0,22 €/m    
F13V-1003 Polyethylene Gasket PE 10×6 mm (white) Max. ≈ +70°C 100m per bag (390g) 0,32 €/m    
F13V-1004 Polyethylene Gasket PE 12×10 mm (white) Max. ≈ +70°C 50 m per bag (365g) 0,72 €/m    
× × × × ×    
F13V-1008 Polyethylene Gasket PE 5×3 mm (grey) Max. ≈ +60°C 100m per bag (110g) 0,19 €/m    
F13V-1005 Polyethylene Gasket PE 7×4 mm (grey/black) Max. ≈ +90°C 100m per bag (180g) 0,36 €/m    
F13V-1006 Polyethylene Gasket PE 7×6 mm (grey/black) Max. ≈ +90°C 500m per coil (1430g) 0,39 €/m (**)  
F13V-1007 Polyethylene Gasket PE 10×8 mm (grey/black) Max. ≈ +90°C 350m per coil (1920g) 0,66 €/m    
× × × × ×    
F13V-1202 Vitreous Fibers Gasket GF 6×3 mm Max. ≈ +200°C 50 m per bag (320g) 0,56 €/m    
F13V-1203 Vitreous Fibers Gasket GF 10×6 mm Max. ≈ +200°C 50 m per bag (830g) 1,32 €/m    
× × × × ×    
F13V-1401 Rockwool Gasket SW 10×6 mm (white) Max. ≈ +200°C 100 m per carton (1800g) 0,93 €/m    
× × × × ×    
F13V-1501 Polyethylene Corners DE-2 Max. ≈ +70°C 500 pcs. per carton (530g) 0,17 €/ea.    
F13V-1502 Polyethylene Corners DE-3 Max. ≈ +70°C 500 pcs. per carton (790g) 0,20 €/ea.    
F13V-1503 Polyethylene Corners DE-4 Max. ≈ +70°C 500 pcs. per carton (1170g) 0,40 €/ea. (*)  

EPDM gasket for MU overcollars upon request
Only sold in complete packaging units.
(*) Availability depending on stock
(**) Currently not in stock. Alternative: F13V-1011; Polyethylene Foarm Gasket PE 10 × 6 mm (grey);+90°C;100m per bag, 310g;

Additional Information on Gaskets
Polyethylene (PE) gasket, white: ZI-201
Polyethylene (PE) gasket, grey/black: ZI-202
Vitreous fibers (GF) gasket: ZI-206
Rockwool (SW) gasket: ZI-207
EPDM gasket: ZI-208

Application Instructions
The surfaces must be dry and free from dust, separating agents and oils.
The most favorable application temperatures lie between +15°C and +30°C.
During the application make sure that the gasket is not elongated, otherwise the tensile loads might peel-off the gasket from the surface.

Suggested Uses

PE 6×4 white
Circular Flanges 200 to 499 mm Ø

PE 8×5 white
Circular Flanges 500 to 999 mm Ø

PE 10×6 white
Circular Flanges 1000 to 3000 mm Ø
Rectangular Connections, Access Doors

PE 12×10 white
For very large and/or unprecisely cut air-ducts

PE 5×3, dark grey
Joining Clips SS

PE 7×4/5/6, dark grey
Joining Clips SR 200 to 499 mm Ø

PE 10×6, dark grey
Joining Clips SR 500 to 999 mm Ø,
All rectangular flanges

PE 10×8, dark grey
Joining Clips SR 1000 to 3000 mm Ø.

GF 6×3
Rectangular connections less than 1000 mm wide,
Circular Flanges and Joining Clips 200 to 499 mm Ø

GF 10×6
Rectangular connections 1000 mm wide and above
Circular Flanges and Joining Clips 500 to 3000 mm Ø

SW 10×6
For all types of flanges