ST Seals

Drain fitting seals made of PTFE

For increased fluid-tightness and chemical resistance. In order to compress the PTFE seal sufficiently it is recommended to use the drain fitting holding wrench.

It is recommended to use the Holding-Wrench in order to make sure that the PTFE ring is sufficiently compressed.

Art.Nr. Description Weights Prices    
1634-0015 ½" PTFE Seal Ring - kg 0,30 EUR/ea.  
1635-0015 ¾" PTFE Seal Ring - kg 0,40 EUR/ea.  
1636-0015 1" PTFE Seal Ring - kg 0,50 EUR/ea.  
1637-0015 1½" PTFE Seal Ring - kg 0,80 EUR/ea.  

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