Access Door RRD with Polyethylene Gasket (up to + 70°C)

  1. Duct wall.
  2. Press formed covers (original METU-Design available in galv. and stainless steel V2A + V4A, alu.).
  3. Polyethylene Foam Gasket PE (ZI-201).
  4. PE Sealing ring.
  5. Mushroom head bolts.
  6. Steel springs.
  7. Locking nuts prevent the knobs from being totally removed.
  8. Ergonomic and corrosion resistant knobs which do not allow the bolts to protrude (protected design).
  9. Retaining cable with M6 bolt and nut (D01V-2001) preventing the loss of the door.


Duct Wall Thicknesses
Standard access doors with polyethylene: S1 = max. 5 mm
For thicker duct wall thickness special access door 
versions with longer bolts can be ordered.

Top Required Clearance when Installed
RRD 18: H ≈ 36 mm
RRD 21: H ≈ 40 mm
RRD 32: H ≈ 55 mm
RRD 43: H ≈ 60 mm
RRD 54: H ≈ 70 mm

The steel knobs require the same clearance since the same bolt length is required to operate the access door properly.

List of Products & Prices

Opening Dimensions


RRD opening dimensions
according to the duct-Ø


Installation Instructions

Installation Video

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Made by METU in Germany