RD with SI 200°C

Access Door RD with Silicone Gasket and Metal Knobs (up to 200°C)
  1. Duct wall.
  2. Press formed covers (original METU-Design available in galv. and stainless steel V2A + V4A).
  3. Silicon Gasket SI.
  4. Silicon O-Rings.
  5. Mushroom head bolts.
  6. Steel springs.
  7. Locking nuts prevent the knobs from being totally removed.
  8. Metal knobs.
  9. Retaining cable with M6 bolt and nut (D01V-2001) preventing the loss of the door.

Minimum Duct Dimensions
A ≈ min. 50 mm
B ≈ min. 50 mm
C ≈ min. 15 mm
D ≈ min. 15 mm


Duct Wall Thicknesses
Standard access doors with polyethylene, vitreous fibers or silicon gaskets: S1 = max. 5 mm
For thicker duct wall thickness special access door versions with longer bolts can be ordered.

Top Required Clearance when Installed
RD 18: H ≈ 37 mm
RD 21: H ≈ 35 mm
RD 315, 32, 42: H ≈ 50 mm
RD 43, 53: H ≈ 56 mm
RD 54, 64: H ≈ 67 mm
RD 65, 75: H ≈ 73 mm


Steel knobs made of
galvanized steel or stainless steel V2A


Aluminum access doors for higher temperatures (HT versions) are not available.

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Made by METU in Germany