RD NBR Instruction

Installation Instructions
Access Door RD with NBR Gasket (up to 80°C) - Liquid-tight Version

To avoid injuries we recommend that you wear
protective gloves when handling our products.

Only suitable for ducts with a clean and smooth surface without seams. Make sure that the access door is not placed in an area where oil or other fluid could accumulate. The best locations are the vertical duct-walls or on top of them - not underneath.

Place the NBR ring along the edge of the inner access door panel, making sure that the thicker side is between the two access door panels.

Apply the self-adhesive template on the duct wall
at the desired position.

Cut the opening following the edge of the template.

Turn the knobs till they hit the stops and insert the inner door panel inside the opening at an angle. Then straighten the door, pull it lightly to center it and tighten the knobs.