KRD Instructions

Installation Instructions

Normally the opening is made using the template coming with the access door. Although not recommended, the following dimensions (in mm) allow you to create that opening before the reception of the access door:

KRD Schablone A B R  
KRD 21 90 mm 200 mm 49 mm  
KRD 32 200 mm 290 mm 102 mm  
KRD 43 328 mm 425 mm 165 mm  
KRD 54 420 mm 520 mm 210 mm  
KRD 65 520 mm 620 mm 260 mm  

Apply the self-adhesive template on the duct wall
at the desired position.

Cut the opening following the edge of the template.

Turn the knobs till they hit the stops and insert the inner door panel inside the opening at an angle. Then straighten the door, pull it lightly to center it and tighten the knobs.