IRRD-3DE Insulated Access Doors

  • For outside insulated round ducts  
  • Fitted with a cover plate (3DE)
  • Minimum insulation thicknesses apply
  • Optimal thermal insulation
  1. Duct wall
  2. Insulation
  3. The IRRD-3DE access door is made of an RRD access door with longer bolts fitted with a cover plate (3DE).
  4. The cover plate 3DE should only apply a light pressure on the soft insulating material: the knobs (protected design) must therefore be tightened lightly.

  5. The cut edge of the insulation is covered by the cover plate and offers a pleasing appearance.

  6. The inside cover guarantees the air-tightness of the access door: the knobs must therefore be fastened firmly.

  7. The air pocket trapped between the cover plate and the access door offers good insulating properties.To avoid any convection currents insulation chunks can be stuffed into the hollow spaces between the cover plate and the access door.

  8. Several gaskets are available: PE, SKK, GF, SI, NBR.

  9. To maximize the range of possible insulation thicknesses, steel knobs (they are less bulky than the plastic ones) are used.

  10. The IRRD-3DE access doors can theoretically also be installed on insulated double-wall round ducts.

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Access Doors for Insulated Round Ducts
IRRD-3DE (DE = 3rd lid)

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Made by METU in Germany