Insulated Access Doors IRD-3 (Insulation thickness between 30 and 40 mm)

  • For insulated rectangular ducts
  • Insulation thicknesses from ≈ 30 to ≈ 40 mm
  • Max. operating temperatures up to ≈ 80°C 
  • A cover plate protects the insulation edges  
  • Thermal bridges are minimized
  • Aluminum versions: springs, screws and bolts are made of stainless steel V2A.
  1. Duct wall (max. 2 mm)
  2. Soft, compressible insulation, between 30 and 40 mm thick
  3. Cover plate protecting the cut edge of the insulation and preventing the shedding of loose fibers. Discrete and clean appearance.
  4. A special IRD rubber profile (5 mm gap) connects the cover plate to the duct wall without creating any thermal bridges
  5. Knobs (protected design)
  6. The trapped air pockets offer a good thermal insulation. To avoid convection currents, insulation chunks could be stuffed between the duct wall and the cover plate and between the access door 

This version is not suitable for temperatures above 80°C.
For such cases we recommend the METU insulated access doors IRD-3DE


Specifications Text
METU Insulated Access Door IRD-3: Sturdy, press-formed access door for insulated rectangular ducts or flat surfaces with insulation thickness between 30 and 40 mm made of an inner and an outer cover plate which are pulled together thanks to two bolts and corrosion-resistant knobs. In doing so the duct wall is clamped evenly between the two access door covers. In addition, the cut edge of the insulation is protected by a cover plate which is maintained in place and connected to the duct-wall without creating any thermal bridges thanks to a special rubber profile. The oval shape of the access door allows an easy installation into the opening.

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Made by METU in Germany

METU Insulated Access Door IRD-2