IRD-2,-3,-4 with 3PL

Insulated Access Doors IRD-2, -3, -4 with 3rd Plate (3PL)

Although not technically necessary,
a third plate (3PL) can be added on the inside cover of the
IRD-2, -3 and -4 access doors.
Availability upon request.
Additional fees apply.

  1. Duct wall (max. 2 mm)
  2. Soft, compressible insulation.
  3. Cover plate protecting the cut edge of the insulation and preventing the shedding of loose fibers. Discrete and clean appearance.
  4. A special IRD rubber profile connects the cover plate to the duct wall without creating any thermal bridges
  5. Knobs (protected design)
  6. The trapped air pockets offer a good thermal insulation
  7. Third plate (3PL)
  8. Additional insulation.

This version is not suitable for temperatures above 80°C.
For such cases we recommend the METU insulated access doors IRD-3DE


METU Insulated Access Door IRD-2

Installation Instructions

Installation Video

Made by METU in Germany