IRD-2,-3,-4 Instructions

Installation Instructions
Insulated Access Doors IRD-2, -3, -4

To avoid injuries we recommend that you wear protective gloves when handling our products.

These access doors need more space, since the cover plate is around 90 mm wide:
A ≈ min. 100 mm
B ≈ min. 100 mm
C ≈ min. 100 mm
D ≈ min. 100 mm


Using the cover plate as a template, draw on the insulation a line along its outer perimeter.

Cut the insulation about 20 mm inside the mark. For rigid insulations carve an oblique edge of about 10 mm.
A : Cover plate
B : Duct wall
C : Insulation
D : Aligned edges


Use the cover plate as a template to make the duct opening by marking around its inner edge. Then cut the ductwork carefully following this mark.

Fix the cover plate to the ductwork using the IRD rubber profile by inserting the duct wall into one groove and the cover plate into the other. Start at a straight section.

The rubber profile is supplied at the correct length for each door size. Join the rubber ends as illustrated above and push them into place.

Turn the knobs till they hit the stops and insert the inner door panel inside the opening at an angle. 

Then straighten the door, pull it lightly to center it and tighten the knobs.

All access door sizes can be used on outside insulated rectangular ductwork (assuming that they are large enough).


Installation Video

Mistakes can happen

The illustration A shows an incorrect installation, and the next one (B) the correct installation.

Additional insulation possibilities

To avoid convection currents, insulation chunks could be stuffed between the duct wall and the cover plate, and between the access door covers.