Access Doors IRRD-DW2

IRRD-DW2 Insulated Access Door Solution

  • Solution for double-wall round ducts with a very thick insulation (starting from ≈ 42 mm)
  • Two separate RRD Access Doors are installed.
  • Please observe the minimum insulation thicknesses.


  1. Inner duct wall
  2. Outside duct wall or hard aluminum outer skin
  3. Insulation thickness (please observe the minimum insulation thicknesses)
  4. RRD access door
  5. Second RRD access door (can normally be made of the same material as the outer duct, liken in aluminum when the duct is covered with a hard aluminum skin)

Specification Text for Tenders

METU-SYSTEM Insulated Access Door IRRD-DW2: Sturdy, press-formed access door for double-wall circular ducts or curved surfaces with more important insulation thickness made of two standard RRD access doors: one for the inner duct and the second one, preferably larger, for the outer duct.

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