Access Doors IRD-AB

IRD-AB Insulated Access Doors

  • For outside insulated rectangular ducts (also for double-wall ducts)
  • Three opening dimensions
  • A cover plate (AB) protects the insulation cutout
  • Optimal thermal insulation
  1. Duct wall
  2. Insulation (please advise insulation thickness)
  3. We recommend to apply gasket or to use our SKK rubber edge molding around the opening in case different materials are used. That way electro galvanic corrosion is avoided and a certain degree of water tightness (i.e. rain) is achieved.
  4. Access door with longer screws
  5. Metal knobs
  6. The cover plate (AB) should only apply a light pressure on the soft insulating material: the knobs must therefore be tightened lightly.
  7. To avoid any convection currents insulation chunks can be stuffed into the hollow spaces between the cover plate and the access door.

Catalog and Prices

Insulated Access Door
IRD-AB (AB = with outer cover)