Access Doors FR-S

Fire-rated Access Doors FR-S

Fire-rated access doors 1100°C / 120 Minutes (EN 1363-1).

To be installed on rectangular air ducts made of steel covered with a fire-resistant coating.

  1. Duct wall
  2. Intumescent gasket
  3. The aerodynamic shape of the inner GX cover limits turbulences and the accumulation of dust or dirt
  4. Steel knobs
  5. Fire rated board made of humidity resistant calcium silicate
  6. Vitreous fiber gasket (GF)
  7. Fire rated knobs made of calcium silicate
  8. Fire-retardent material

HT (high temperature) version of the METU-SYSTEM GX access door, with 50 mm thick thermal protection made of calcium silicate, fire-resistant fiber glass gasket and knobs made of  calcium silicate.
This inspection cover allows an easy access into the interior of the air-ducts for inspection and/or cleaning purposes. The fire-rated properties of the air-ducts are maintained. Intended to be installed on ventilation ducts made of galvanized steel with a fire-rated protective coating.

The FRS access door is an GX with vitreous fiber gasket end a third cover (3DE) made of a calcium silicate plate. Although its tightness has not been tested, we can assume that it is identical to the other ones (D / ATC2).

Chemical and petrochemical industry, nuclear power plants, skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, underground garages, smoke extraction ducts, fire-resistant ventilation systems.

Delivery Times
The access doors should be ready to be dispatched approximately four weeks after having placed the order.

Tested for fires inside the air ducts


Tested for fires outside the air ducts


Tested according to the norm EN 1363-1 (Fire Resistance Tests, Part 1: General Requirements) conducted by an approved independent party. Laboratory notes available upon request. Suitable for various coating thicknesses up to the ones providing a 120 minutes protection. The above characteristics might be able to change on short notice without prior notification, and might also be modified depending on the specific characteristics of the installation.

FR-S Installation

Remove the coating using the calcium silicate cover of the access door as a template. Remove any eventual metal mesh placed between the coating layers as well. Make sure that you achieve a clean cut in order to avoid important gaps between the access door calcium silicate cover and the coating applied around the duct.

Apply the self-adhesive template as depicted in the center of the opening.

Cut the opening into the duct following the edges of the template. Make sure that the coating on the duct is not damaged during this operation. It is not recommended to use a jig saw, as the vibrations could  loosen the coating, necessitating a new coating application.

Untighten the knobs and insert the inner door panel inside the opening at an angle.

Straighten the door, push it slightly to center it and then tighten the knobs firmly.

Place the calcium silicate lid on the bolts and make sure it fits well against the duct wall. Then tighten the fire-rated knobs till the lid is pressed flat against the duct wall. The inevitable gap between the lid and the coating around the duct must be filled. To do so, generously moisten coating remainings, fill gaps and let the material dry before opening the access door.

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Fire-rated Access Doors FR-S

The resistance of the METU fire-rated access doors FR-S and FR-1 (1100 ° C / 120 Minutes) has been tested and confirmed by the company EFECTIS according to the operating procedures of the norm EN 13501-3.