Access Doors FR-1

Fire-rated Access Doors FR-1

Fire-rated access doors 1100°C / 120 Minutes (EN 1363-1).

To be installed on circular air ducts made of steel covered with a fire-resistant coating.

  1. Duct wall
  2. flocking or flame-retardant mortar
  3. Access door with steel knobs and vitreous fiber gasket
  4. Vitreous fiber gasket (KF)
  5. Third cover
  6. Soft and fire-resistant vitreous silicate mineral wool fibers
  7. Calcium silicate knobs

When openings are made into fire-rated air ducts, their insulation is usually damaged, putting the entire ventilation system and the building at risk. The METU FR-S access doors provide a convenient access into the fire-rated air-ducts as often as required without loosing the fire-rated characteristics of the ventilation system.

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Fire-rated Access Doors FR-1

The resistance of the METU fire-rated access doors FR-S and FR-1 (1100 ° C / 120 Minutes) has been tested and confirmed by the company EFECTIS according to the operating procedures of the norm EN 13501-3.